Saturday, February 11, 2012

Gabriel's Walk through Paris

The day started in Luxembourg, 29 December 2011. Gabriel turns 14 -- wow, can't believe it! We made Dutch Babies, because Gabe loves them and had all our other birthday breakfast favorites, bacon, juice and fruit, the garland was hung, the candles lit and presents neatly packaged and placed at the head of the table. Time to celebrate!

From birthday breakfast we caught the 12 noon TGV to Paris. Good thing we showed up early because our tickets gave us trouble, so much so that we were poised to jump on the train the minute we saw Jorrit sprinting up the stairs. Thankfully we made it with a few minutes to spare. Gabriel donned his new birthday jacket, ready to walk Paris, Gabe-style.

He's walkin'

The pesterer

Gabriel walks Paris with the paparazzi close at hand

A door to admire, mistletoe beauty

Family lunch

More walking

More sights

Happy mother

On our way to Happy Birthday Dinner

Oysters for mom and dad

Lobster for the kids

A great birthday dinner, grandma would approve

Reflections of a birthday boy

Proud parents

Paris Brest as birthday dessert

Or lava cake

Or house made ice cream, Gabe's choice

Happy Birthday dear Gabriel -- you walk it well!

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