Saturday, October 29, 2011

Miscellaneous Noteables from Lux Deluxe

Thought I'd just share a few scenes from life here in Lux deluxe.

We use the Veloh! system here until our bikes arrive. Jorrit on his way to work.

Our first visitor and very old family friend, Jim Haven. He had Friday night  dinner  with the whole family and then, lucky him, watch the latest episode of "The Office". 

Jorrit was a real trooper and rose early-bird to go to a little village in France to attend this flea market/vide-grenier. Not many treasures were found until after we left.

We found these.

And we found this. Not only treasures because they are so delicious, but it was a Sunday. Can't find a bakery open in Lux on Sunday!

This is one of the grocery stores I shop at, complete with enormous wine section and five sommeliers.

These next photos probably deserve a posting all their own but probably on Window Darlings not here. Going to the big grocery, Auchan, is a bit like Disneyland for me. Lots and lots of interesting packaging and in quantity, which you don't often see here. I think often it is just that repetition of design that gets me but I couldn't resist snapping a few.

I must say one thing about these chips -- they are the BEST! Better than Kettle in my humble opinion, some strange flavors though. I haven't gathered the courage to try their roasted chicken variety.

Love this, "Avoid Embarrassment, Buy Tyrrells".