Thursday, June 21, 2012

The French Open 2012

A very impromptu day trip to Paris to see the French Open was met with great enthusiasm. Jorrit threw the idea out and all he needed was one person (me) to say "yes" and he was off and running. Before we knew it we had train tickets, tournament tickets, metro tickets, secured a babysitter, grabbed Gabe, our friends and their young son and hired a cab. All that was left was to pack the sunscreen. 

We drove to Metz, grabbed the TGV from there and were met in Paris by eighty degree weather and a day full of great tennis. Sharapova and Nadal were the two final matches of our day. Their star power was a force, every camera was on them, ALL the time. It was really something to see it all live!

On the train, Hakon playing a little "Olsen, Olsen" to pass the time.

More happy travelers.

Just around the barriers and we walk right into RG.

Our first match, Bratchikova vs. Kvitova aka blue vs. purple. Kvitova wins.

Break time, cruising the grounds.

Unfortunately for the French, their man lost this match in the end.

Even the artists go to The Open. Love the French.

Between matches the crews rake and water being careful not to let the hose drag.

Don't know the tradition on the hats, some wore the RG red bands others had black.

Sharapova getting ready to do her thing, in just over an hour.

Me trying to explain to Jorrit from afar that she plays like me.

Rock Star.

Next and final match for us, Nadal vs. Schwank.

Two of three biggest sports fans I know. Where is Grandpa when we need him?

Gabe & Nadal hangin' at the French Open.

Enough. We had to leave just an hour into the match but it was clear who the winner would be.

On the metro to Gare de l'Est, hot and sweaty.

Halldor & Hakon sharing train station dinner.

Elisabet & Halldor, our trusty companions, heading home.

Great day!