Friday, June 1, 2012

Letters from Africa: Part IV

This is a roadside sight in South Africa. These beautiful protea, growing wild, tempting me to stop and pick them all. It was an unusual sight to see when they are so exotic to us in Seattle or in Lux.

Cape Town, was just as promised, a lot like San Franciso but a little too rainy for our taste. The weather and the Easter weekend limited us somewhat but I think in the end (especially in hindsight) everyone enjoyed it, although Jorrit's letter and our lack of photos make it all seem a bit lukewarm:

now, we're in cape town.  we spent the morning at Robben Island (nelson mandela was imprisoned there for 18 years).  so far, I am unimpressed.  the city is deathly quite (maybe because it's good friday.  maybe because we're in the wrong area.  maybe because there aren't any lions chasing me).  i remain optimistic as we have been told by literally everyone we have met that this is one of the best cities in the world.  we shall see.  we have rented a car for sunday when we plan to head to the cape of good hope and to chase some penguins as well.

We're in airport in cape town right now.  We had a funny day today.  It was our first day that wasn't pouring.  It started slow with some clouds, but no rain.  We headed back to the District6 museum to try (again) and see it.  But, Monday is also a holiday here – so it was still closed. No worries.  For the first time we could see table mountain so we quickly headed up to the cable car.  We waited in line for 30 minutes and just as we were at the kiosk a massive cloud came over the top and we were told the view was totally obstructed.  Looking up, we saw what had transpired and were convinced the clouds weren't leaving any time soon.  So, we drove over to another lookout much lower and enjoyed the view from there.  Then, on to camp bay, a nice enclave/suburb w/ a beautiful beach and vibrant waterfront.  We stopped in for a quick coffee and smoothies for kids.  Just as we were leaving, Nico spied the table next to us who had a full plate of delicious nachos delivered.  We must have some.  So we ordered and waited.  And waited.  And waited.  Whoops.  They never came.  After 30 minutes I had to be peeled off the ceiling and we left in a small huff, but were laughing at the same time.  Off to the cape of good hope.  Beautiful drive.  Weather clearing.  Majestic views.  We passed a town called neuiwkerche (something like that) and saw a couple great restaurants.  We kept chatting about them and it made nico hungry.  So, we turned around.  We had an amazing lunch and then continued our drive.  One small wrong turn, another u-turn and we made it to the gate for the cape (30k to go).  What?  Closed?  Yep :)  it was 5:45 and it closed at 5.  Oh well.  Par for the course.  Back to simon town where we could see the penguin colony.  Yes.  You get the picture.  Also closed by the time we got there.  But, we could still see a few from the boardwalk.  Funny day.  But gorgeous.  Overall our time in cape town wasn't great, but we both feel like there might be something there.  Worth another trip?  Not sure.  We think so.

A favorite find, The Neighbors Market in Woodstock is an old mill that is now used for this weekly market as well as for various retail spaces.

Organic products, restaurants and artisan everything!

An artist and her wares.

Good eaters, everywhere.

Jorrit driving on the wrong side of everything. Scary.

In the wine country, about 30 minutes outside of Cape Town. 

Lunchtime velour art.

Wine country lunch that was one of the best. Delicious!

The view from near Table Mountain which is a giant rock that sits, literally, in the middle of the city. Pretty spectacular.

At one of two penguin beaches we visited. They were everywhere.

Looking back towards Cape Town.

Closing time.

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