Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Good Morning Paris

Before moving to Lux I remember thinking how great it would be with Paris only a two hour train ride away. Little did I know that daily life would get in the way of my grand plans. My day in Paris gave way to a day at the commune getting dog owners insurance and other such necessities. 

Well, right before my birthday in March I decided that I would kick myself over and over if I did not get on the ball and take advantage of the ease of it all. In two quick hours I could be walking the streets of Paris, without jet lag, without baggage, without a care in the world beyond where I'll sip my next cafe creme. Jorrit was on his way to Paris for work that next week and I said "great, I'll see you there!" And off I went. Booked my ticket that time and for a month later and for the month after that. Life is good.

I don't just shop for myself, Jorrit gets regular emails with suggested new apparel. This didn't go over so well -- James Bond style swim wear. I still think they are great, look at the yellow button detail. Love it.

My friend Ellen enjoying a glass of wine as we wait for our lunch.

I was close to hauling this vintage desk on my back, but decided against it. 

Bonton's newish concept store, just down the street from Merci. Worth a visit for the visual thrill.

My favorite part of the store and note the beautiful fireplace on which the big shoe rests.

More reports from the field on my next trip, stay tuned.