Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ici Tout est Bon!

Our friend and French tutor, Cecile, treated me to a day in Belgium, her home country. It was partly a gastronomic tour, stopping to buy all kinds of regional treats along the way, quickly touring Liege and then heading home to share our finds with the rest of the family. In addition to the insiders view, I had a great day of speaking French with the most patient, encouraging woman on earth. Twelve straight hours of French, Belgian waffles, house cured wild baby boar, hand made sausage and a rice tart. Pas mal.

First stop, wild baby boar, hunted and specially delivered seasonally to this boucherie for preparation.


Liege has a entire neighborhood built up on the hillside, with tunnels, ally passages and long stairways. The residents enjoy the benefits of the city while living in quiet country, all at the same time.


Admiring an art-filled window.

A view from the terraced hillside neighborhood to the center of town.


On our way back a stop for the rice tart and to see a roadside monastery chapel.

The public spa in Spa, Belgium.

Cathedral in Spa.

You have to love rice pudding to love this tart. I was in luck.

Other goodies, waffles, speculoos, and cooked marzipan. Merci Cecile.

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