Thursday, January 12, 2012


Time to play a bit of catch up. Since our autumn break a lot has happened. So to avoid missing any highlights I will be sure to record the events of the last few months, starting here with a visit from my parents in November. 

Two weeks of "seeing how we live" was as much a treat for us as it was for Bob & Carmela. They had just come off a big trip to New York and northeastern Canada and were game for just about anything. We dug up Italian stores, looked at lots of wine shops, went to Belgium (Ikea), and on our way to a drive along the Moselle River we stopped at the American War Cemetery just to take a quick look. A quick look turned into an hour tour, many interesting stories and a visit to General Patton grave site. It was quite a moving experience to see all those white crosses in commemoration of the many lives lost while Allied Forces fought in the Ardennes Offensive against the German troops in one of the most critical battles fought in WWII. 

We also enjoyed visits to France, both Metz to see the beautiful cathedral and Nancy, just south of Metz. In Nancy we spent time in the well known Place Stanislas. It is a gold-gated, overly decorated square bordered by shops and cafes. An easy trip from Luxembourg and a nice way to get a taste of France. This is a town I'd love to explore further. Maybe there is a good flea market here too? 

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