Saturday, January 12, 2013

Summertime Fun

After graduation, Katarina and I were able to make a Paris run while the kids all stayed with Jorrit and made their own local river rafting excursions (pictures to come) until our return. Our primary goal was to hit as many flea markets as possible without overburdening any of our companions or supporters. We did okay, got really lucky a lot with illegal parking, trains, restaurants and markets and tempered our junking urges as needed.

The junkers

The apprentices

Our dog "O"

First stroke of luck, getting a seat at Septime, Paris

Beautiful and delicious dinner at Septime

The accidental market

Packing our loot for transport to hotel

Post-market lunch at Merci

One day later at Arlon, Belgium's Sunday Market. The last hurrah before road trip with the kids. Many good affordable finds if ever you are wondering about visiting this one.

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