Thursday, September 15, 2011

Un, Deux, Trois -- Sautez

 Sunny and crisp this morning. Finding a groove of some temporary sort. Day 2 at school and I began a Googlicious day. Many searches -- tennis clubs, bikes for sale, vide grenier, cars, conversion charts, yoga, and more. Endless emails coordinating appliance information, move in date, rental furniture arrival and French lessons (yes, written in French!). Fun and exhausting but ending with good news, we claim our key on Sunday afternoon, rental furnishings arrive Monday and we move in on Tuesday! We will all be happy to have some permanence.

After school, with the sun still shining and crazy amounts of ducks in the Parc Merl quacking, the kids and I made a visit to the basketball hoops, swings and zip line. Good fresh air after a somewhat stressful day for the students. Nico is quickly realizing some serious catch up is in order. We studied French for over an hour, testing my verb conjugation abilities, and he is determined make some tracks. Gabriel was spouting German and French phrases all afternoon, I think he might be recreating the German language but I truly wouldn't know any different. He ended his evening with an hour listening to Rosetta Stone French and had no idea what he was repeating over and over and over, but was very content in the end. Life in grade 5 is still easy although her first friend here, Charlotte, will be moving to Seattle in January and starting school at Forest Ridge. (Anyone know grade 5-ers at FR?) Good thing there are other new friends here. She came home with paint in her hair and a smile on her face.

Jorrit now faces the reality of working very hard as opposed to working out very hard. A walk to work and then home by the same means at 8:30 p.m. allowed him to decompress. It was a good day, he met lots of great new colleagues and is ready to go. Always fun for us all to learn about a new part of the business, just hope he makes it home most nights for dinner to share his tales.

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  1. And, as always, you are the anchor, Ang - enabling everyone to adapt and adjust - and retreat to the safety and comfort of the inviting new home you are creating. Proud of you - for taking on this challenge, that so many of us only dream/talk about.