Sunday, September 18, 2011

Walking Sans My Homie

One of the things I knew I would miss being gone from daily life in Seattle were my morning walks. For ten years plus, Katarina and I have walked, rain or shine, five days a week, one of two four mile routes from either my house or hers. I miss our walks and my homie. 

I thought of her as I walked Jorrit into work today, because it was a walk she would have liked. A little bit of everything in a small European town, on a sunny morning to boot. A straight shot from our house, in ten minutes we walked past a big beautiful public park, past the post office and through the center of town. The deeper into the center we walked, the older everything became. Small and crooked stone buildings are occupied by bars, restaurants and shops. We crossed a bridge that took us to the other side of the vast ravine that splits Luxembourg and then curled down into yet another quaint corner. Through a courtyard, to the very end is where the super mod building that houses Jorrit's office is located.


A very different view than I enjoy walking in Seattle. There is some water, not like the lake, but there was also blue sky and warm sunshine today. I had a definite, "wow, can't believe I'm here" kind of feeling and that inspires me. Much yet to explore in Lux and beyond, this walk was just a lick of the lollipop. I'll warm up the trails Katarina, you bring your shoes.

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  1. Know you miss your idea/creative outlet buddy, Katarina, and the easy conversation about everything. But I know that you will 'hook up' (is that appropriate use of this term?)with some interesting new friends that I will enjoy hearing about. Meanwhile, all of us 'back home' are in a holding pattern while you're gone - and will not let anyone else fill your spot!